WEP Cairns Outback, Reef & Rainforest Adventure

1. How to Sign Up for Your Trip

Below are important dates that you need to remember.

You must complete all steps before we can confirm your spot on the trip.  Please assist us by submitting all required information before those due dates.




1. Signup deadline – Tuesday, 27 February, 2018:


tickComplete and submit this online Booking Form by 27 February 2018: http://wep.smallworldjourneys.com.au/booking-form



tickParents need to download and complete the three (3) online forms here.
The forms will then be automatically sent to us for approval.



tick Pay your deposit of $200.
This can be paid securely by Mastercard or Visa online:  www.smallworldjourneys.com.au/payment.html



2. By Monday, 5 March, 2018:


tickWe will notify you when the trip is confirmed.
(In the unlikely event we do not have a minimum of 12 participants by 27 February, we will cancel the trip your deposit will then be refunded)



3. By Monday, 12 March, 2018:


tick Pay the balance of $1364 for your trip.
This can be paid online: www.smallworldjourneys.com.au/payment.html



tick  Purchase travel insurance before you purchase your airfare.



tick Purchase your return airline ticket to Cairns.

Note: You will need to arrive in Cairns between 1pm – 4pm on 3 April and depart before noon on 8 April. (Due to frequent cancellations and delays with Tiger Airways, we ask that you avoid booking Tiger)



tick Send us your flight details and travel insurance details.
Use this online form: http://wep.smallworldjourneys.com.au/flight-insurance-details or email your travel insurance policy number and flight details to: admin@smallworldjourneys.com.au