WEP Cairns Outback, Reef & Rainforest Adventure

Day 3 – Aboriginal Guided Rainforest Walk, Waterfall Swimming and Outback Cattle Station & Bonfire

Aboriginal Guided Rainforest Walk:  Today you venture to a special swathe of rainforest in an area important to Aboriginal people. This highland rainforest boasts a rainbow of bird life and mammals, and is one of the best places in the world to spot the elusive tree kangaroo, or mupee.  Your local Aboriginal guide takes you into his country, and you listen to the lively stories of his ancestors, discover flora and fauna, and learn the regional “bush tucker” (food) that was yummy to eat.   By participating in this walk, you are helping the community by supporting indigenous employment and pride in culture. This in turn promotes cultural sustainability.  

Millaa Millaa Falls: Millaa Millaa (meaning “plenty of water” in the local Aboriginal language) is the icon of tropical north Queensland and one of the most photographed natural sites in the region.  The waterfall flows over pure basalt rock thousands of years old in a dramatic burst.  There is a fantastic swimming hole at the base of the falls, the perfect place for you to cool off.

Outback Cattle Station and Wildlife: As you cross the Great Dividing Range, you enter outback country, where the dirt turns red and gum trees prevail. Here you are welcome guests at a traditional working cattle station and homestead, opened to your group.  On arrival, you hop in the hay truck to trace a route through the station–much of which has been set aside for as a sanctuary for wildlife—and look for the kangaroos and crocodiles that roam the property.

Aussie BBQ and Stargazing: After a classic Aussie steak “barbie”, you have a fire under starry outback skies. From this remote outback station, views of the southern hemisphere stars are phenomenal. You’ll learn how to find southern constellations—including the Southern Cross—most of which cannot be seen at all from the northern hemisphere. Students sleep in single-gender dorm-style bunk houses.  

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(PLEASE NOTE if we get many signups, the large group may be split into smaller groups and this itinerary may be run in reverse order)


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